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EasyOrg About
Making Organisations Organised

Our Motto is to make organisations efficient and their management hassle-free.

Our Story

  1. Unable to identify an ideal solution for organisation management
    In 2020 we founded a non-profit to help the people in need but we couldn’t find an ideal solution to expand and sustain our organisation online.
  2. We created a solution for internal use
    Our founders had years of experience in the multiple organisations and understood what they needed and hence we created an application for internal use.
  3. Created a solution for other organisations for better management
    With the basic requirement for memberships, events and donation management we created a version for organisations across the globe in 2023.

Our Mission

We wish to build a world where organizations thrive and great things happen effortlessly. We believe that when people come together, they can accomplish extraordinary things.

With this belief driving us, we built EazyOrg to simplify the process of managing organizations and associations, allowing individuals like you and organisations to save time and focus on building and creating great things.

EasyOrg Mission

Our Team

Satish K

Chief Executive Officer

Chandan Achary

Chief Operating Officer

D Pushpit

Chief Technology Officer

G Prasanna

Product Manager

N Naimisha

Chief Financial Officer

Vara Prasad
K Vara Prasad

Chief Creative Officer

Praveen Telu


S Kavya

Customer Success Manager

Dr. E Sankara Rao

Mentor - Product development

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