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The Problem

Utilising legacy software to manage organisational activities is a suboptimal and outdated approach. The majority of these tasks are currently executed through manual means, resulting in a significant expenditure of time and effort.

Extracting data from SQL tables needs professional technical expertise and is time-consuming. This is followed by the application of various formulas in order to extract meaningful insights.

The Solution

To overcome these obstacles, we have designed EasyOrg, an innovative solution that boasts a wealth of features, all while offering a user-friendly interface (UI) that requires no technical training to operate.

EasyOrg’s primary objective is automating all the manual tasks, thereby streamlining the whole process and presenting required data in a readily accessible and actionable format, all with just a few clicks.


EazyOrg Features

Streamline and simplify your organization's operations with EazyOrg's comprehensive suite of features.

EazyOrg Features
Event Management

Planning and coordination of all aspects of an event, from venue selection to marketing and promotion. Budgeting and financial management to ensure that the event stays within the allotted budget.

EazyOrg Features

Member self-service, where members can manage their own accounts, update personal information, and view their membership status and history.

EazyOrg Features

Committee creation and management, including selecting members, defining goals and objectives, and creating a timeline for completion of tasks. Task assignment and tracking.

EazyOrg Features
Manage Donations

Managing donations involves organizing and processing financial gifts given by individuals or organizations to a particular cause or charity. This may include setting up systems.

EazyOrg Features

A gallery feature is a functionality that allows users to display images or other media files in an organized manner on a website or application. It typically involves creating.

EazyOrg Features
Email & Newsletters

Email and newsletters features are tools that enable businesses or individuals to communicate with their subscribers or customers via email. With these features, users can create their email lists.

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EazyOrg is designed to cater to a wide range of organizations, including non-profit organizations, clubs, associations, community groups, educational institutions, and small to medium-sized businesses.

Some common features of organization management software like EazyOrg may include membership management, event management, committee management, donation management, gallery management, news coverage, admin management, dynamic payment gateway integrations and dynamic CMS.

EazyOrg strives to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing organizations to efficiently manage their operations without extensive technical expertise. The ease of use is higher compared to other softwares solving the same purpose.

Yes, EazyOrg is built flexible, it can be integrated with third party applications as per requirements. It’s already integrated with Stripe & PayPal for Payment Gateways and MailChimp for email services.

EazyOrg costs different based on your need and requirements, the application boasts of multiple modules which can be used together or as per need, It also depends on the number of active members in the organization, to understand better you can reach out to our sales team and request for a FREE DEMO.

"With EazyOrg event management at our organisation has become a breeze. Now we conduct events without the need for pen & paper or print out of registered members. All events are smoothly managed online."

Chicago Andhra Association

"We adapted to EazyOrg during Covid-19 as a beta trial, since then we have seen a massive improvement in the features. Today EazyOrg is helping us build a strong community of like minded members who are passionated to help the society. We strongly recommend use of custom development services."

Krishna Gompa
Janmabhoomi Organisation

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